Why do we need to protect ourselves from TV?

Click Here to Watch This VideoSuperbowl, Beyonce, Sashsa, and Satan

Ughhh my stomach turns in knots as I watched this! I never watched the Super Bowl this year or Beyonce…The downside to being someone who now protects myself and my family from as many of these types of outside influences, is I find myself becoming less and less aware of what the rest of the world is exposing itself too. I can trace things back to my childhood, shows or movies I watched that lite fires on the inside of me. Created ungodly desires toward fame and riches, same sex attractions and more….things that years later manifested themselves in my life. I at times wonder if I go overboard in protecting Hollyn, Sarah and I from these small, seemingly innocent attacks, but seeing this reminds me why we must all be diligent and watchful to protect our families. Heck there are many times even the Disney channel is showing and making suggestions to our kids I feel is inappropriate. To all the parents out there that say, we watched it as a kid…your right! But have you ever stepped back and really looked to see how it has effected you long term? How your life’s desires were inspired by a scene in a movie, or your biggest adulthood fear was first planted in your head through that scary movie? It bothers me to be teaching Awanas on Wednesday nights and to have kids ask us to pray that their nightmares be taken away so they can sleep and not be so tired. When you ask what there nightmares are about…their response….Chucky was chasing me, or a guy with a long white mask and black hood is hiding in my closet. Kids have strong enough imaginations on their own, as parents we really need to be protecting them. At the same time we need to protect ourselves. Sure we know its fake, but the influence and suggestions often times become real. I’m going to get off my soapbox for now because I could go on for hours about the influences TV has had on my life, both positive and negative. The point…be watchful and mindful of what you expose yourself to, it’s ok to turn off a movie or show in the middle, even if you paid good money to watch it. It’s ok to cut off a friend who is planting negative seeds in your life. It’s ok to have the courage and boldness to be the minority who not only knows what is right and wrong in Gods eyes but is strong enough to act on that knowledge and live His will.